School Photo

I may be biased, but I don’t think my son knows how to take a bad photo.

Also? I can really see how he takes after me, especially since he and I are the only ones with green eyes in our family. He’s pretty proud of that.

Night School

This guy in my “Digital Media and Society” class insists on sitting next to me, and always wants to see my notes. Apparently, he’s an accounting major, and he suspects I could probably teach this course myself.

He is definitely rocking the normcore” look. Must be a hipster.

I dropped the#NetflixandChill hashtag on him, but I fear I revealed my digital smarts too quickly.

It only confused him.

PS – About the class, sooooo I was the first to post to the online discussion this week, and here I thought I kept things pretty simple about the evolution of mass media markets and evolving technology, didn’t ramble, cited a few sources, sprinkled in some humor, and applied it to every day life, but Martin was like, “Dang it, Julie! STOP. Stop. You are making it worse for the rest of us.” Noted. Now I wait until others post, and then I chime in with a “Very good discussion points. I see your point very clearly. Nice work!”

Don’t Have a Cow, Man


Spring Break is over, and it is back to school and work for us. This one is kicking off her week with some cappucchino and vintage Bart Simpson.

Also, we discovered this “underachiever” had two A+ spelling tests stashed in her bookbag, too.

Ready for Schule

Jaz packing up Christmas ornaments last week. Photo by Miss C.

Martin had a parent-teacher meeting today at Jaz’s preschool. His German teachers provided a thorough review of his milestones and progress, and handed over a thick scrapbook they’ve kept for him this past year.

It puts me to shame: it is full of photos, artwork, and notes keeping track of class parties, field trips, and his interactions with the other students.

Best of all: they believe Jaz is on track to attend German elementary school next year, if we decide to send him there.

Language won’t be a problem.

I am such a proud Mama.

Smart Girl


You know that moment when Forest Gump learns his son is super smart, and not slow like he is? Our daughter just forecasted and documented the weather for us using a “smart board” in her classroom. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Big Day


These two ladies had their first day of school in Germany yesterday. Back in September, I pointed out that given their age difference, this is the only year the two will attend the same school together. That remains true even here in Germany since the middle and elementary schools are in the same building. That won’t be the case next year when a new elementary building opens up, but for now, a little unexpected blessing allowing these two to face all of this change together. Continue reading

Off To a Good Start

Miss C, Lola, and Jaz in his superhero pose.

The girls started school.

It was a pretty big deal for many reasons. The biggest, perhaps, was that Lola officially … finally … became a bonafide student! She was sooo ready for kindergarden. The entire week before we left for Disney World, she wore her backpack — stuffed with all the school supplies we bought for her — around the house. Practice, she called it. Frankly, she’s been practicing for a long time already, and her enthusiasm that morning was infectious. Continue reading