The Dance

My sweet girl went to her first formal dance last week. Her middle school organized it as a last special event for the eighth graders before they all head off to high school.

Since we’re putting all three kids into the German school system beginning next year, this may be the only opportunity for Miss C to attend a formal dance. So, we allowed her to invite a friend — a fellow American who lives in our village — as her date.  Continue reading

School Update

We had our annual meeting at my son’s school this morning, where we were presented with the scrapbook they maintained for him the past few years, full of his photos, artwork, and teacher observations. Continue reading

Pot. Kettle. All That Jazz. 

This week, THIS ONE brought home her report card. No surprises: she’s doing awesome!!! There was just one teeny tiny note at the bottom, beneath the praise for her voracious book reading and positivity, she should exercise a little more self-control and not blurt out answers all the time.

Having been asked to do the same thing my whole life, I made suggestions and asked her if she could work on that.

“But MOM, my answers are RIGHT!”

Pot. Kettle. All that jazz.

First Day of School Again

It’s the first day of school for my girls over here in Germany. They go to the American school on the military base. Lola is off to 2nd grade while Miss C starts 8th grade … her final year in middle school! So excited for them!

Jasmine & Higher Education

I posted a question, asking about this particular bloom. My friends informed me it is jasmine.

It is so fragrant! I think it is a type of honeysuckle and the scent reminds me of pink lilies. The kids think the blossoms smell like vanilla. The last two homes we’ve visited had this growing like crazy near their front doors. It perfumes the whole house! Continue reading

School Photo

I may be biased, but I don’t think my son knows how to take a bad photo.

Also? I can really see how he takes after me, especially since he and I are the only ones with green eyes in our family. He’s pretty proud of that.

Night School

This guy in my “Digital Media and Society” class insists on sitting next to me, and always wants to see my notes. Apparently, he’s an accounting major, and he suspects I could probably teach this course myself.

He is definitely rocking the normcore” look. Must be a hipster.

I dropped the#NetflixandChill hashtag on him, but I fear I revealed my digital smarts too quickly.

It only confused him.

PS – About the class, sooooo I was the first to post to the online discussion this week, and here I thought I kept things pretty simple about the evolution of mass media markets and evolving technology, didn’t ramble, cited a few sources, sprinkled in some humor, and applied it to every day life, but Martin was like, “Dang it, Julie! STOP. Stop. You are making it worse for the rest of us.” Noted. Now I wait until others post, and then I chime in with a “Very good discussion points. I see your point very clearly. Nice work!”