I Didn’t F— It Up

“Tell Julie she didn’t kill any of them.”

That was the message relayed to me from Katherine at Arcadia Farm in Northern Virginia. During my work trip last week, I took a personal day to run some errands and spend a few hours volunteering with my friend and sister veteran, Jenn, at this farm located on property once owned by George Washington.

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Back at Home

Wynter sent us this pic while we were on the road. Our garden is beginning to bloom, and he couldn’t wait to show us. We made it home just before bedtime! All three were waiting for us and talking a million words a minute!

Also, shout-out to Wynter for being so awesome with the kids and their routine. You are the bee ‘s knees!


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Double Rainbow

Gorgeous rainbow over our village!

After nearly a year of planning and saving for it, Martin and I just booked our summer vacation today. Though my daydreams envision something out of a Diane Lane movie, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be more like the Griswold’s European Vacation … you can count on it.