Pool Parties

We were running errands. That’s it.

I simply asked, ”Do you think Junior would like…“ and it resulted in an increase for his [play]house‘s curb appeal with a new pinwheel, above-ground pool, and water toys.

Just over here in my pool, livin‘ my best life.


I really enjoyed the pool party with my boys, but spending a few hours at the mineral spa with this guy really made my day.


The rose bush outside our windows is in bloom! We weren’t sure what it was going to do, but look at those flowers! I think I’m going to put some jasmine there, too.

Camping Food & Fun

We got to the campsite late and had to set everything up in a hurry… and in the dark. Then, around 1 a.m., a major thunderstorm rolled over and all I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh.

I woke up with the baby around 6 a.m, and everyone was still sleeping and snoring. Meanwhile, I had the baby, church bells, and the sound of an occasional barge floating past us on the Mosel. Life is good…and damp.

But good. Continue reading

Fourth of July

We were at the hospital last week when the Fourth of July rolled around. Obviously, it’s an American holiday, and the Germans don’t do anything to observe it. But the Americans do! There are usually festive events on the local military installations, and we try to do something fun at home, too.

But this year was shaping to be a bust due to the circumstances. Neither Martin and I were in any place to put something together for the kids. Continue reading

On the Road Again

Thank goodness for headphones and technology! This road trip would have been very different without ’em.

Belly-scratchin’ in the sunset.

We found a park where these two could burn some serious energy.

Our next stop is near the village of Polverigi, in the middle of Italy’s calf along the Adriatic Sea. There are rolling hills and many sunflower fields like this one across the street from where we are staying.