TBT: Young Love

This weekend marks the 18th anniversary of the day I met Martin. I met him shortly after arriving in Germany as an exchange student. I was 18 years old. These #TBT photos are from later that summer in 1999 when he visited me in Ohio. Continue reading

TBT: Mama Care

Today’s #TBT photo is from 2011, and shows Lola (age 2) listening to her brother’s heartbeat using her toy stethoscope.

He arrived just a few weeks later. I had to smile when I saw this photo again, because she’s been a fantastic medical assistant this time around, too. This photo is proof she’s always taken excellent care of her Mama!

And let it also be proof that a belly piercing is never a good long-term investment.

TBT: 15 Years

Today’s Throwback Thursday photo is from exactly 15 years ago, from our wedding day on April 6, 2002 in Kraftshof, Germany. We were getting some portraits made just outside the church, and a gust of wind threatened to take my veil with it. Martin grabbed onto his bride, and our friend snapped one of my most favorite photos ever. It’s all gone by in a blink. Happy Anniversary, Martin!

TBT: Thanksgiving with Ninny

Today’s #TBT photo is from November 2005 when my mother and her parents traveled from Texas for a visit to Cincinnati, where we were celebrating Thanksgiving. It was the first time my maternal grandmother Ninny met Miss C as we had just moved back to the United States from Italy a few months earlier. Miss C was two years old.

TBT: Miss C and Me

Today’s #TBT photo is from Sept. 5, 2004, when Martin and I drove up into the mountains near our home in Italy for some family photos. This is one of my most favorite photos of Miss C and me. We had just celebrated her first birthday a few weeks before this photo was taken. Now she’s a teenager. It doesn’t seem possible.

TBT: Julie and Martin in 1999

I’m certain I’ve shared this photo at some point before, but nevertheless, here’s Martin and me taking a selfie while waiting in line at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio during his first visit to the United States in August 1999. We did this with his big SLR camera and had to wait for the film to be developed a few days to see if it turned out okay.

TBT: Mt. St. Helens

My #TBT photo today was taken in 1985, when I was four years old, during a visit to Smith Creek Trail near Mt. St. Helens in Washington state. I’m in the driver’s seat while my Mom is holding Jill next to me, waiting for Dad to finish taking photos. We were visiting relatives in Portland, Oregon when we made the trek to visit the site of the 1980 volcanic eruption. You can see some of the destruction outside our vehicle: that area was once a dense forest of trees. Five years later at the time, it still looked like a ghastly moonscape. I do remember the sight of all those trees, flat and scattered onto each other like ashy white toothpicks, made more ominous by the rain and fog that day. Quite an experience that left an impression!


TBT: Prom

Lots of prom photos making the rounds lately, so my Throwback Thursday photo is from Prom 1997. This was right around my 16th birthday, too. I still have that blue and black dress, and recently suggested Miss C could save some cash and wear it to one of her dances in the future, but she thinks it looks “too ’90s.”

As if.