TBT: Fashionista

In today’s #TBT photo from my sister Jill’s first communion in spring 1991, I would like to draw attention to my perfectly coordinated accessories: the orange and turquoise purse (no doubt holding a few sticks of Bonne Bell lip gloss) worn snug across my chest, the double-pierced ears displaying both solid blue pearls AND dangling multi-colored spheres, as well as a neon pink and orange hair bow that was probably made out of shoe laces.

TBT: My Birth Day

Today’s #TBT photos were taken exactly 35 years ago today, just moments after I was born in Abilene, Texas. My mother Tawana was still in surgery, having developed preeclampsia (now known as HELLP Syndrome) that nearly killed the two of us. Continue reading

TBT: Cereal for Dinner

This #TBT photo from 1985 does a pretty good job showing just how much my son takes after me. I was four years old when this photo was taken, and my sister Jill was two. I actually remember taking this photo, sitting on that ledge and eating from the cereal box. That stone ledge separated our backyard from our neighbors’ yard. They were a sweet, elderly couple, and I remember very clearly that he had a artificial wooden leg, and always told the best knock-knock jokes with it. My dad says the neighbor was a WWII B-17 pilot.


TBT: Father Daughter Dance

My wedding anniversary is next week, so today’s #TBT photo is, of course, related to that. This candid pic shows my dad Larry and me dancing at my reception 14 years ago. You can see Martin and his mother dancing in the background. We were dancing to Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me.” Moment before, Martin and I kicked off the party by dancing to Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

TBT: Soda Fund

Today’s #TBT photo is from 1996. I was 15 years old, spending the weekend with my Dad up in Fairborn, Ohio. We were in his office after visiting the local Sam’s Club so Dad (an Air Force civilian and Reservist) could buy the items needed to stock the 445th Airlift Wing’s soda fund, which he ran for decades.

I have no idea why I’m scowling. He had all kinds of stuff for sale, and of course, being his kids, we could pull whatever we wanted, thanks to the family discount. At that time in my life, I usually pulled a Snapple, an ice cream bar, some Pop Tarts, and a Hot Pockets.

It didn’t dawn on me that more than a decade later, I would be standing in that same spot as an Air Force Reserve NCO for the wing’s public affairs office, waiting for my coffee and Pop Tarts to heat up in the toaster, making that same face at my Dad who still worked there, but no longer gave family discounts.

TBT: Sweethearts Dance

It’s a bummer my girls are five years apart in age because they probably won’t ever have the opportunity to take such an awesome dance portrait like this #TBT portrait from 1999, when my sister Jill was a sophomore in high school, and I was a senior.

TBT: Camera Technology

Today’s #TBT photo is from February 3, 2004.

Miss C (five months old at the time) and I are standing with my sisters — Jill and Jinger — for one of the dozens of photos my father insists we take with each relative at the end of every family visit.

Of all the photos taken that evening, this one captured the cutting-edge technology my family used back then.

Miss C and I were in Ohio after spending a month in Maryland where I attended a course at the Defense Information School. (Martin returned to Italy the week prior.) We flew back to Europe the next day.


I had a Gump moment this evening when the girls brought home their progress reports. Both of them are performing above grade level in math. Whereas I struggled mightily — both as a child and adult — just to get a passing grade in the subject, these two are doing so well! Sure, they inherited my ability to chat and we need to focus on focusing a little bit more, but they’ve got the math skills.

They’re not … like me…

*sigh of relief*

TBT: New York City


Today’s #TBT is from January 2012 when our family traveled with our friend Kara to New York City so that Jaz and I could appear on Tim Gunn’s makeover show. It was a quick trip, but we crammed as much sightseeing as possible. I was still wearing the make-up (bronzer and false eyelashes!) they put on me for the show when Kara, Miss C, and I headed to Times Square that afternoon. Oh my goodness, it was freezing cold, but we had such a good time.

Can’t believe that was four years ago already!


TBT: Adorable

I’m pretty sure today’s #TBT photo of my sisters and me is from 1989, but it’s hard to be sure. After all, being adorable never goes out of style.

TBT: Sign Language Class

Today’s #TBT photo is from 1987. My parents signed me up for a beginners sign language course, not knowing it was meant for older students/adults until we showed up for my first class. I was the youngest student by more than a decade. Nevertheless, I was allowed to remain, and I learned how to sign the alphabet, greetings, and common words and phrases. The lessons paid off down the road as a teenager when I volunteered at a special needs camp: I remembered enough to establish the basics with some of the kids. Really great memories!