The Stasi Museum

We visited the Stasi Museum in what was the headquarters campus of the MfS (the Ministry for State Security) to spy, terrorize, manipulate and control its own people in East Germany. I paid a little extra to get the photography button.

This is a display depicting the enemy: Western culture, Iron Maiden, and agents of NATO. I would not have been well liked in Eastern Germany.

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Another Work Trip

These kiddos woke up super early to see me off on yet another work trip. “Please don’t drive your Dad crazy,” I told them.

And they were like, “Who, us?”

Good luck, Martin. And thank you ahead of time, Amanda. I’ll be home again soon.

The Road Trip Home

Au revoir, Savoie! We all agree this week will go down as one of the best family vacations, even with Martin’s shoulder injury and the closed tobogganing run. Both situations forced us out of our comfort zones, but we discovered things we really enjoy!

The people here are so patient and warm, and we will be talking about the food and scenery for awhile. If you can get here, we highly recommend a visit to this part of France! We will certainly be back.

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Snowboard or Bust

It’s going to be awhile before my coccyx forgives me for today.  I tried snowboarding for the first and only time in my life.

We all made it up the mountain this morning. Martin grabbed a pedestrian pass, intent on watching (and documenting) our ski and snowboard lessons. We were motivated. It was gonna be a good day, ya’ll!!!

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