The Road Trip Home

Au revoir, Savoie! We all agree this week will go down as one of the best family vacations, even with Martin’s shoulder injury and the closed tobogganing run. Both situations forced us out of our comfort zones, but we discovered things we really enjoy!

The people here are so patient and warm, and we will be talking about the food and scenery for awhile. If you can get here, we highly recommend a visit to this part of France! We will certainly be back.

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Snowboard or Bust

It’s going to be awhile before my coccyx forgives me for today.  I tried snowboarding for the first and only time in my life.

We all made it up the mountain this morning. Martin grabbed a pedestrian pass, intent on watching (and documenting) our ski and snowboard lessons. We were motivated. It was gonna be a good day, ya’ll!!!

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Our First Day in the French Alps

Heading out to find our adventure! But first … locating the recycling bins!

Martin and I decided to take the family to the French Alps for a week to celebrate the New Year. I found a ski resort near Modane, France, not far from the border with Italy, that was a pretty straight shot south of us through Switzerland. Various websites praised its beautiful views and tobogganing trail, so we packed up and headed that way on Jan. 1.

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Strasbourg On Our Minds

My phone just lit up with messages requesting my family and I check in with my work, followed by notes from local friends.

No, my family and I are not in Strasbourg tonight, obviously. We are safe in our home. I was there a few weeks ago (with Junior), and it was lovely. The Christmas Market shooting is being called an act of terrorism. I will never understand this violence.

Boy Mom

My cousin Andy recently said it’s easy to forget that Jaz is only 7 years old when you talk to him because he’s like this much older intellectual trapped inside a tiny body. I was reminded of that over the weekend when we ditched the girls and headed off to explore old town Salzburg ourselves. We talked about food, gifts, art, Catholic saints, holiday budgets, ice skating, and the fact that Mozart, too, was a precocious little boy.

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Midnight Train

About 24 hours ago, I was lunching with my girlfriends in Northern Virginia. Now I’m in this first class cabin all by myself on a cross-country train in Germany. I’m taking an important exam for my studies, and it’s only offered in a few cities over here … none of them local. And the best time I could take it was immediately upon my return home from the States.

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Books and Visits

Today’s stack of books includes biographies of David Bowie, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Also?!?! I am soooooo excited I found “Code Girls.” It’s about the women who served as codebreakers during World War II. If you recall, I was not impressed with the display dedicated to them in a museum we recently visited, but now we have the book about them! My kids are gonna learn! 

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