Got Pollen?

This is my car after one afternoon parked outside my office. I rinsed it this morning. The pollen is so bad this year! And the news reported that sand from North Africa is being blown up here, too.

3,650 Weeks

When you are 3,650 weeks pregnant, and it’s nearly 90-degrees Fahrenheit, and your adopted country doesn’t *do* air conditioning, you sit under the ceiling fans on full-blast and guilt-trip your minions to bring you fresh smoothies all day.


Double Rainbow

Gorgeous rainbow over our village!

After nearly a year of planning and saving for it, Martin and I just booked our summer vacation today. Though my daydreams envision something out of a Diane Lane movie, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be more like the Griswold’s European Vacation … you can count on it.

April, April

We woke up to a winter wonderland at the end of April. 

I intended on packing away the snow gear this past weekend, but didn’t get around to it. Good thing! As the saying goes, “April, April, der macht was er will.”

Parenting & the Storm

Screenshot of this evening’s storm.


Forget group hugs and inspirational video memes: I feel so connected to humanity when I hear my German neighbors yell at their kids in public. It’s so universal.


There’s a CRAZY storm outside. I was being nonchalant about it until I went upstairs to close the windows. It looked like Catatumbo outside!

We’re all sleeping in the basement now.