16 Years

Today marks our 16th wedding anniversary. I say it every year, how it doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed since that remarkable spring day, but that’s a truth that will never change, even if we do over the years.

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TBT: 15 Years

Today’s Throwback Thursday photo is from exactly 15 years ago, from our wedding day on April 6, 2002 in Kraftshof, Germany. We were getting some portraits made just outside the church, and a gust of wind threatened to take my veil with it. Martin grabbed onto his bride, and our friend snapped one of my most favorite photos ever. It’s all gone by in a blink. Happy Anniversary, Martin!

Baby Test

Today’s appointment for FestBaby confirmed a few things. It is healthy, I am healthy, and we are both cleared to go camping.

Also? This one may be taking after Martin’s side of the family: it will probably be taller than my oldest daughter when it is born. (Ha, ha! Sorry, Miss C.) Continue reading

TBT: Father Daughter Dance

My wedding anniversary is next week, so today’s #TBT photo is, of course, related to that. This candid pic shows my dad Larry and me dancing at my reception 14 years ago. You can see Martin and his mother dancing in the background. We were dancing to Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me.” Moment before, Martin and I kicked off the party by dancing to Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

Flashback Friday: Love from London

Martin and I honeymooned in London, England when we married 12 years ago.

We were there for five days, but I was horribly sick for three of them. I remember Martin heading out into the city for a pharmacy for some medicine, bringing me toast and tea when I was well enough to sit up in our hotel room and watch some BBC series. And on those days when I was feeling well, we really made the most of it in that city.

We visited museums, witnessed the funeral procession for the Queen Mum, and literally stumbled unknowingly onto the red carpet during the London premiere of K-Pax, sharing carpet space with Jeff Bridges shortly after Kevin Spacey walked by.

For today’s Flashback Friday, I’m sharing the post about our honeymoon in England, which you can read HERE. Despite my illness, I really enjoyed it there and have always wanted to go back for a visit. Maybe one day!


Gorgeous colors this evening coming out of the office.



Flashback Friday: The Wedding Candids

Smiling during a toast from Martin’s Bundeswehr commander (not seen) after our church ceremony.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #000000;”] M [/dropcap]artin and I celebrate 12 years of marriage this weekend as both our legal and church ceremony dates fall neatly over the weekend.

Even though we’ve observed more than a decade of anniversaries, I’m still not done talking about the best day ever. And I’m lucky that Martin still likes to talk about it, too, because it’s fun to think back to the day we were surrounded by our friends and family from both Germany and America, and pledge ourselves to a lifetime together.

Best of all, our girls are at ages now where they want to hear all about it, too. Lord knows I have plenty of photos to share with them. The smartest thing I did for my wedding was invite my friend and colleague Phillip, an aspiring photographer with his own digital camera equipment. In addition to my father who insisted on taking photos with his film camera equipment throughout the day (he literally walked me down the aisle with his camera tucked into his jacket), my friend Phillip was given free reign to take as many photos as he wanted, too.

And I got all of those high-quality, beautiful photos.

This year, I’ll be showing the girls all those photos and telling them everything I remember about that day. I’ll also be taking my wedding dress out of the trunk and let them step inside of it, too, if they want, pointing out to them that it wasn’t the dress that made me so gorgeous that day, but the love and happiness I felt — and still feel — for their father.

For this Flashback Friday, I’m posting this slidehow of photos that haven’t been posted yet here on the blog.

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[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-nBeY_94A2BE/UxwTqHWqbwI/AAAAAAAAZoI/3X_PcF-P9mU/w600-h470-no/wedding2002_scan-5-3.jpg [/imagetab]

[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-2tg7cJcEujg/UAKG949cVnI/AAAAAAAANBs/B60CG4o9beg/w415-h553-no/hereiam.jpg [/imagetab]

[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-cr0b7-9AEQ8/UxGLp8fHrdI/AAAAAAAAZa8/c2l5ws8R8PE/w394-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144579.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″] https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GLsuZdZNy9k/UAKG-EdVWBI/AAAAAAAANBw/iIwA3wKeDrQ/w404-h525-no/jmmeet.jpg [/imagetab]

[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-S9PKmHrVT8s/UxGLqX026AI/AAAAAAAAZbM/3WdC8Sb_w18/w394-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144581.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-6Hl_y7uaZjs/UxGLtIHVQ6I/AAAAAAAAZcg/LLaW-wFZpvQ/w600-h450-no/20030314-20030314-P3144635.jpg [/imagetab][imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-8ATN5hmXGBs/UxGLq7-JkfI/AAAAAAAAZbU/VZ2gCwFGFnQ/w387-h524-no/20030314-20030314-P3144582.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-4nS8eA62WJE/UxGLtpefoZI/AAAAAAAAZcc/1whi1-B8J_U/w394-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144648.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-DaxG13o3T_M/UxGLt8BsX4I/AAAAAAAAZc8/tkzGXqeSTGQ/w600-h450-no/20030314-20030314-P3144668.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-bAeeFLD4skY/UxGLwBhGO5I/AAAAAAAAZdg/o0KfHPZ3gsA/w394-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144730.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-WPLJHuxq0n8/UAKG9h9-8hI/AAAAAAAANBQ/SZHQNUevWDc/w764-h475-no/fatherstoast.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-TGq-yFxeYSM/Uw70uEZKa4I/AAAAAAAAZXM/1xfJ7qVeBR4/w394-h525-no/20030314-P3144780-2.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-W8U1W9E2rXI/UxGLyGvBDKI/AAAAAAAAZeQ/vUCtB9wteIY/w394-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144798.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″] https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-pvYY6iBvP08/UxGL2v25aoI/AAAAAAAAZgI/Mu6xEHarXqw/w394-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144897.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-AMwkpCZljj0/UxGL2Xq_r4I/AAAAAAAAZgE/PnqHOp8GTTU/w394-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144893.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width=”” height=”400″]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-iQq_MzC7jBg/UxGL1q37iCI/AAAAAAAAZfg/YLvUuxVzLqY/w369-h525-no/20030314-20030314-P3144884.jpg [/imagetab] [/tabs]




Flashback Friday: Christian Gets Married

Exactly 11 years ago today, Martin’s brother Christian and my sister-in-law Tabea got married in Germany. Martin and I were there, having been married ourselves just a few months earlier. It was one of the last times we were all together as a family before Martin and I moved to Italy.

Now, Christian and Tabea live in a beautiful farmhouse in Bavaria with our two nieces. There are many things Martin and I miss about living in Europe, but being close to them is definitely one of the top. Telephone calls and web chats definitely help bridge the distance, but of course, it’s not really the same. We miss them.

For this Flashback Friday, I’m sharing HERE the post I wrote in 2002 about their civil ceremony. Can’t believe it was so many years ago.


Our basement is flooded. About an inch of water coming from front and back. This rain can stop now. It had never done that before. Our back porch/front porch area completely saturated before the water just started ebbing in from both sides. Martin and I were pushing furniture, moving papers, and dropping blankets and towels to sop it all and direct it to the drain. Ugh. So glad I cleaned and neatly folded all those towels during my “Hoarders” marathon frenzy.

Flashback Friday: It Happened on a Friday

Photo from my sister Jill of Oma signing the papers, my Dad acting as photographer, and me smiling about something.

I officially married Martin on a Friday after the Easter weekend in 2002.

Eleven years later, the anniversary of our civil ceremony falls on a Friday after the Easter weekend. And just as he was back then, Martin is in the military again.

I wonder what he is doing today on our anniversary, down there at Air Force basic training. I can say with confidence that whatever it is they have him doing is just about the farthest thing the both of us imagined for him that day in Germany eleven years ago.

Once again, for Flashback Friday, you can read all about the civil ceremony HERE.

And because the church wedding was pretty fun, too, click HERE.