I’ve dropped 15 pounds in four weeks. Nothing and everything changed when I shed a lousy work environment, and landed in a new positive space.  It’s funny: I *knew* that the stress was affecting me, but I could not appreciate the physical toll until the weight started to melt away, the headaches stopped, I felt rested in the mornings, etc.

And I say that DESPITE having four kids.

Amazing how that works.

Winter Warning

My rosy-cheeked boy from a few winters ago.

Looks like I’m gonna be printing out “YEA, YOU CAME TO WORK SICK AS A DOG” certificates for most of my office because that’s the only reason I can fathom these people deciding to bring in the plague to everyone.

Recognition, am I right?


You can check your email from home.

First Day of Work

It was my first day back to work today! In keeping with all those “first day” photos floating around social media, here are the things you should know about me: my favorite subject is lunchtime. My best friend is Martin. I like the color purple and I want to be an independently wealthy woman when I grow up. I’m 36 years old.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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Working Man

Last summer, Martin was hired by an insurance company over here. They were impressed with his banking/accounting education and experience from the United States, but still required him to get officially certified thru the German system.

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Nice Bow

My coworker lost a bet, and is now wearing a giant red-and-white polka dot Minnie Mouse bow here at the office. Because we are located in the attic of a building with no elevators, we RARELY get visitors. We can go FOR WEEKS without anyone coming up to see us.

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No Cake

Since there won’t be an office meeting before the big day, my office colleagues sang “Happy Birthday” to me at today’s staff meeting.

Our boss — who has a notorious sweet tooth and poor memory — looked around confused and afraid. “Where’s the cake? We don’t have cake?” he exclaimed.  Continue reading

No Judging

Photo from earlier this summer.

Just as I opened her bedroom door this evening, Miss C slammed shut her laptop and looked over at me with THE guiltiest look on her face.

We held each other’s stare for a few awkward seconds before I cleared my throat.

“Miss C?”


“What were you looking at?”


“You know, it’s better if you just TELL me because I’m gonna find out anyway.”



“IT WAS HANNAH MONTANA! I’m binging on HANNAH MONTANA! It’s been six years. It was my favorite show. STOP JUDGING ME!!!!”


This happened in my office today. Names removed.

Former Air Force: “That flu shot yesterday? Man, my arm is *hurting* today.”

Air Force #1: “Yeah, I know. I don’t know why, but this is the first year I can remember feeling sore.”

Air Force #2: *stretching out arm* “Mine’s pretty sore, too!”

Soldier: “Really? I’m not feeling anything in my arm. So weird!” (Gets up from chair, drops to the floor, does 20 push-ups and 20 flutter-kicks.)

Former Air Force: (Lifts up mug with good arm. Sips coffee.)

Welcome Back


Nothin’ says “welcome back to work” like 2,000+ unread emails and the *invite* to participate in a “random” drug test urinalysis.

The drug-testing folks insisted that my notification is completely random. I just LOLOLOLOLOL’d and tried not to miss the cup.

Back at Aviano


Wrapping up another super short work trip. This time, I returned to Aviano Air Base, Italy, where Martin and I lived for three years. These mountains bring back a lot of memories. Gorgeous, as always.

Back Up

Photo with my crazy kids from July 2015.


I swear, these people at work know exactly how to drive up my anxiety.

“So, the power may go out in the building at some point in the next hour. We don’t know when exactly, or if it’ll even happen, and it shouldn’t fry your computer, but whatever you are working on, just be sure it’s saved, okay?”