Assholes & Coffee

Having a rough day? Me, too. In fact, after two days of being on the receiving end of others’ rants, random criticisms, and good, ol’ fashioned rude behavior, I just pre-paid for a bunch of strangers’ coffee. I’ve found that random acts of kindness are really great for scraping other people’s word-vomit off my soul.

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They weren’t expecting me when I showed up to work for them last May. I found myself in an office full of retired and active-duty military pilots and strategists, all men, none of them communications experts, but they were somehow responsible for implementing the commander‘s vision for a strategic communications team … and I was put there to help them.

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It’s Official

Well, the word is out now, so it’s time for me to announce it: you are looking at my command’s newest Strategic Engagements Coordinator. After eight months working in a position created to take advantage of my expertise, I managed to convince my bosses that I really AM a hard worker who knows what she’s doing, and is a pleasure to work with…so they decided to keep me.  

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Promotion Ceremony

I had the pleasure of attending a promotion ceremony by the Berlin Wall memorial outside my office this afternoon, and snapped this pic five seconds before my phone died. I enjoy attending events like this. Military tradition and honoring a person’s accomplishments … it’s a good mix. Congrats to Col. C!!! It’s a privilege to work with you.

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I’m Back

Hello, America.

I’m back. Workshop attendance for a few days. Fortunately, our au pair Amanda is back at the house in Germany to make sure nothing erupts into flames while Oma gets her surgery this week, too, recovering at our house. Martin and the kids require I return to Germany, though.

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Commute Jam

Listening to my own commute jams in 2013.

While walking thru the parking lot to my office this morning, I passed a flashy European sports car with the driver still inside, leaning back against his head rest, eyes closed, listening to Sarah McLachlan’s “Adia” at top volume all the way to the end before turning off his car, stepping out, and joining the herd into work.

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