I’ve dropped 15 pounds in four weeks. Nothing and everything changed when I shed a lousy work environment, and landed in a new positive space.  It’s funny: I *knew* that the stress was affecting me, but I could not appreciate the physical toll until the weight started to melt away, the headaches stopped, I felt rested in the mornings, etc.

And I say that DESPITE having four kids.

Amazing how that works.

Hey, Lover

People have to leave their cell phones in a set of lockers by our office door, and it’s not unusual to hear a cacophony of alarms and ringtones go off throughout the day.

The other morning, however, as I walked in, all I heard was the smooth, soulful crooning of Boyz II Men as “Hey Lover” played from one of the phones. A lot of the people who come to our building are, um, older and higher-ranking, and it made me snicker to think one of ’em have this song as a ring-tone.

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Another Day on the Job

Today was all about internal communications! She sat in on an “all hands” meeting with the commander, took notes on what he said, and then produced social media content based on it which was shared online. Sifting through all kinds of multimedia and editing programs can be tedious, but she earned a hot chocolate.

Also, shout-out to Nona for the vintage work dress circa 1995.

The Intern

Internship Day 2: She spent most of the day with Congressional Affairs, researching elected officials and committees, preparing info packets and all that jazz. I’m lucky to have great colleagues who took the time to explain their jobs from the minutiae to the big picture, and had her help with their work loads.

Winter Warning

My rosy-cheeked boy from a few winters ago.

Looks like I’m gonna be printing out “YEA, YOU CAME TO WORK SICK AS A DOG” certificates for most of my office because that’s the only reason I can fathom these people deciding to bring in the plague to everyone.

Recognition, am I right?


You can check your email from home.

Back to Work Too Soon

Pic taken Nov. 30, 2017

I returned to work today. Meanwhile, Martin sends me questions, like, “What appliances do you want on the kitchen counter?” and “Can I put your [important] papers in the space above the fireplace?”

I should have taken the day off today…

First Day of Work

It was my first day back to work today! In keeping with all those “first day” photos floating around social media, here are the things you should know about me: my favorite subject is lunchtime.Today’s lunch is spinach and salmon because this baby weight is not falling off anymore. Wahhhhhhh! My best friend is Martin. I like the color purple and I want to be an independently wealthy woman when I grow up. I’m 36 years old.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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Packing It Away

I’m spending my last day of maternity leave packing away the newborn clothing Junior outgrew. As if I needed another reminder that time moves too quickly! Many of these outfits were worn by all four of my kids. Ah, this sentimental heart of mine…

Working Man

Last summer, Martin was hired by an insurance company over here. They were impressed with his banking/accounting education and experience from the United States, but still required him to get officially certified thru the German system.

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Nice Bow

My coworker lost a bet, and is now wearing a giant red-and-white polka dot Minnie Mouse bow here at the office. Because we are located in the attic of a building with no elevators, we RARELY get visitors. We can go FOR WEEKS without anyone coming up to see us.

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